Manual Check Creation in SAP

This post demonstrating about SAP Manual Check Creation T.Code – FCH5. This article will let the user know about Manual Checks in SAP FICO Module and the steps to be followed for Creation of Manual Checks, Deletion and Resetting of Manual Checks, Display Check information and to view Check Register in SAP FICO module. Share and like will be appreciated. Some recommended post or SAP Fico tutorials links shared below, You can also check these once.

SAP Menu Path: Accounting –> Financial Accounting –> Accounts Payable –> Environment Check Information –> Create Manual Checks

Payment Document No. : 1000 (come by default).
Paying Company Code : ITCI (come by default).
Fiscal Year : 2016 ITCI (come by default).
House Bank : HDFC.
Account ID : HDFC1.
Check No : 100.

Manual Check Creation in SAP FICO Using T.Code – FCH5

 SAP Manual Check Creation

Click on SAVE button. We get message Check ITCI HDFC HDFC1 100 created manually.

 SAP Manual Check Creation

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