Make Money from Google AdSense – Beginner’s Guide

This post guide you how to use Google AdSense in our sites and how to make money from Google AdSense. This guide contain all the ways to earn money online from it. So in this post first we are going through with the basics like what is google AdSense and then how to setup ads in your blog. Also i will discuss about how much money you can make from it. So lets start step by step beginner’s guide make money from google AdSense.

How to make money from Google AdSense beginner’s guide

What is Google AdSense:

It is an effective and time saving way to earn extra additional money from your website. You have to copy some code and paste in your site to display those ads. One more thing you can choose the place where you want to show those ads in your blog and you can customize the type and size of ads. When anyone click on those ads in your blog site you will earn money from them. Also some amount you can earn from ad impressions.

Learn how to use Google AdSense’s ads

First you need to create an AdSense account. For applying you have to setup a online web property like a blog in BlogSpot or your own blog also you can use youtube video as a medium to make money with those ads.

Appropriate Niche: After choosing right domain name for your blog you have to choose appropriate niche for your blog. Many bloggers add multiple niche in their blog and try to earn money from them. But i always recommend to stay one main blogging niche and may be there 3,4 sub category of this. Because if you want to make money online lifelong then its the best idea to focus on a particular niche where you have knowledge. How to select appropriate niche for your blog will help you to choose.

design templates for your blog
Design templates for your blog: You can use the design templates provided by the BlogSpot. But you can also choose other third party free templates and can give some looks which is more unique and elegant.

The detail guide how to create a blog with BlogSpot.

Create blog with WordPress

create blog with WordPress
I recommended always to use your own domain name instead of BlogSpot. But for that you have to buy a domain name and a hosting plan. Maximum bloggers use this and its make them a brand. Its more challenging that your web property online and you are the owner of that. For choosing blogging platform i advise use WordPress because WordPress is basically developed for blogging. There are huge number of free and premium plugin which are fulfill your requirement in a minute.

Now a day you can get ready theme for your blog in Free and premium both themes are available over there. Create blog with WordPress guide will help you for the rest. If any query in your mind then fell free to ask me in the comment section.

Apply for Google AdSense

The next step is apply to Google AdSense and have to wait until you get approval. It’s an very easy process but sometime they reject applications. Don’t worry you can apply again. But before apply again just go through you web property like blog and try to find what is missing or what is violate the Google AdSense policies and fix them. You need to check and keep in mind some points which are really help you to get approval in one shot and very fast within 3,4 days. Below guides will help you to get an approval easily.

  • How to create Google AdSense account and apply.
  • Account approval way and some rules keep in mind.

Approved By Google AdSense:

application approved
After approval what should be the next step for you. The next step is get the code and apply to your blog to start displaying ads. Now you can enjoy and make money with your own blog.

Next you have to focus on increase your revenue from Google AdSense. For that you have to increase more traffic as more traffic will help you to earn more money from Google AdSense.

If you find this guide make money from Google AdSense is useful, please share it on Facebook & Twitter. If you have any queries in your mind or you are stuck anywhere let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for watching.

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