How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a way to make money. But We have to make a clear idea about how to make money blogging or how to earn from a blog first. Basically about “make money from blogging” post is dedicated to that bloggers who are newbie in blogging and in that time various questions may arise on their mind like how do bloggers make profit online. This detail tutorial guide you how to generate revenue or how to income with a blog step by step.

In very first day when few bloggers make money blogging on that time they are dependent only on Google AdSense but now there are many different types of options to make money from a blogsite. I got this idea about blogging from one of my previous company CEO – Pankaj Biswas.

Learn how to make money blogging:

Step 1 : Create your own blog-site

For make money blogging, first thing we have to create our own blog-site and choose a niche in which we are little bit expert and can give some useful tips and tricks to your readers. Which will be helpful for them. Because if your site post are not helpful or not interesting to any readers then your site traffic not increase day by day. Basically website traffic and engagement is the key of handsome income from blogging.

Now a days you can easily create your own site with different CMS like WordPress, Drupal or custom coding. I preferred WordPress because in WordPress you can create a blog-site without any help of any coder or programmer. Really it’s take just 5 minutes to setting up your blog for live and publish your first post. You can get clear idea from how to create a blog in WordPress, how to start a blog-site and start make money from blogging with your own blog.

Step 2 : Create post with SEO friendly title and unique content

For creating a blog post i recommend choose a trendy topic within your niche which are search by a huge number of people. Earn from a blog is very much dependent on your quality content. Because quality content makes higher rank of your post in most of the search engine and maximum readers can reach easily. Try to use some targeting keyword and quality content to get success or good rank in search engine.

Now we are ready with own site but don’t have any idea about how to make income from a blog. Don’t worry just follow each step hope you will get an idea for the same.

Step 3 : Site with AdSense Ads

earn online from adsense

Google AdSense is one of the most effective and easy way to make or earn money online from your website. For that create your own blog and You just need to sign up for an AdSense account and submit your own site for approval. After approval from Google AdSense you need to copy few lines of script from your AdSense admin panel and put into your website to display those ads.

It’s very easy and anyone can do this without any such technical knowledge. You earn if someone clicks on these ads in your blog every time. Learn how to earn revenue from Google AdSense will help you step by step. You may also earn some income from AdSense ad impressions. So it may be working very well for you and easily you can make profit from your blog. Many beginner bloggers use Google AdSense because it is very easy to use and can generate a handsome income for you. But keep in mind for a huge profit you need always high traffic. So i hope the first step of how to generate revenue online we achieved. In next steps i discussed about other options for earn money online or other ways to make money online.

Thanks for watching how to make money blogging guide. You can try yourself and share with your friends the amazing idea for earn online. I will share some useful tips and tricks in upcoming days about how to start a blog and earn from them. Viewers can subscribe our newsletter to updated with us. Share and likes will be appreciated also help to evaluate our self.

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