How to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Error

Today i am going to discuss about WordPress RSS feed errors and how to fix WordPress RSS feed error. If you are getting error with your WordPress site RSS feed then just go through this post once. In WordPress there may be different types of RSS feed errors and in this post i will discuss how to fix WordPress RSS feed error. Hope this article will be helpful for beginners if they are getting feed errors in WordPress.

First of all we need to know what is a RSS feed or feed RSS and why it is require. Also we have to know how to create RSS feed and how to access WordPress RSS feed URL through browsers.

What is WordPress RSS Feed ?

From the name you can understand what is a RSS feed or feed RSS. Full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary. Basically RSS feed is a format for present the frequently changing web site content in front of viewers. viewers can view RSS feeds from RSS feed URL of a website or blog. Like an example you can view our RSS feed by this URL – Now if we are talking about WordPress rss or WordPress feed then you have to know that WordPress generates RSS feeds in XML and can be access by their rss feed URL. By default for WordPress site or blog the feed URL is – Now proceed to the next level of learning about WordPress feed errors and how to fix them.

Different Types of Common RSS Feed Errors

In most of the cases WordPress rss feed errors occurred due to poor formatting or structuring of source code. Because WordPress rss feed generate output of XML file which is strict markup language. Extra line break after the closing tag, missing line break may cause to produce feed error in WordPress.

How to Identify WordPress Feed Errors

Generally from error message which are display in our browser from them we can identify the type of error and there are some common error message thrown in WordPress for feed errors. Below i mention some common type of error message for WordPress feed.

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Line Number 4, Column 1:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Or you can get Header already sent error message like below.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

Actually depending upon your browser feed error message may vary in WordPress. Now we are going to discuss how to fix those type of WordPress feed errors. We can fix WordPress feed errors manually as well as with the help of some plugin. In case of automatic fixing with plugin you can use Fix My Feed RSS Repair Plugin.

Learn How to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Error

Manually Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

You can easily fix feed errors in WordPress manually. Just check in some files there may be exist some extra spaces or line break after closing the PHP tag. In most of the cases in function.php file you can found those spaces. In function.php file there are not require to close the php tag at the end. so if you getting RSS feed error after adding some code snippet then we recommend that just remove that and validate your feed with any online validator tool.

If it is working then just rectify your new code snippet and update again with your modify codes. The main reason of RSS feed error in WordPress is poor formatting of source code. And in this way you can easily overcome and fix WordPress RSS feed errors.

Fix WordPress RSS Feed Error Using Plugin

First thing you need to install and activate Fix My Feed RSS Repair plugin. After activating go to tools > RSS fix and apply. With click on the apply button you are done and fixed WordPress RSS feed errors automatically.

Hope this tutorial post about fixing WordPress rss feed errors will be helpful for you. Share and like will be appreciated. Thanks for watching.

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