How to Create Blog Using WordPress

In this tutorial i am going to share knowledge with you about how to create create blog using WordPress. For blogging purpose maximum bloggers prefer WordPress over other CMS. Because it take very less time for setting up and easy integration, also huge number of free plugins and premium plugins are available for your blog. The main thing is it can be use without so much technical knowledge. So i suggest for blogging go with WP.

Learn How to Create Blog Using WordPress:

Choose domain name which is best suite for your blogging niche:

First step is pick a appropriate domain name. Choose a domain name which is best suite for your blogging niche or meaningful with your blogging objectives. Like my blog-site about sharing some knowledge throughout the world that’s why i choose Similarly choose your own. Then just search in Godaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost for your domain and easily find that it’s already taken by someone or not. If taken then try with another one. If not then purchase the domain along with one hosting plan. Domain name which is define your website and hosting where you have to put all the files and folders. After purchasing you need to setup WordPress on your hosting. Most of the hosting provider give tools for installing in their c-panel if you not found install manually. In Godaddy cpanel find from here –
 installation GoDaddy cPanel
The very basic first step we are completed for create blog using WordPress. Now we are going to the next step.

Install WordPress on Your Live server:

It’s very easy to integrate within your live server and it take just 5 to 10 minutes to configure. If tool available in c-panel then just click on it and forward to all the next step. It will be configured automatically on your server. But if you not comfortable with that can manually install on your server. One of our previous guide Install WordPress will help you in this matter and there described each steps with detail description and screenshot. So which blogger want to install WP manually we recommend that please go through once.

Login in your WP Admin panel:

After completed the WordPress installation you can login with your admin credential and start setting up your WordPress site. For setting up you need to do some basic things like theme change and activate, Require plugin installation for your site, Create category, Create blog-post and then publish. After login you will get dashboard of your WP site admin panel. From left you will get all the menus for your need like categories, pages, menu, post, plugin, Appearance etc.

Install required plugin for your blog:

Next step is installing and setting up some required plugin for your WordPress site. Find the best suited plugin which are increase your blog-site efficiency.

Create post category:

category in WordPress

Create your first post and publish:

 post your first article

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