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This tutorial demonstrates How to Change Posted Document in SAP FICO or change document SAP FI. In this SAP FI tutorial we are going to learn how to change document which are already Posted in SAP FI, and how to view the above in SAP step by step with screenshot. You can change documents that have already been posted. To do this, however, certain conditions imposed by the system have to be complied with. This is necessary because random document modifications can lead to problems, preventing the possibility of reconciliation.

In addition, you can define your own conditions in the form of document change rules. We recommend that you use the standard rules.

So learn step by step and try it yourself also. For better understanding provide all the screenshot here. Hope it will be helpful of all my readers.

How to Change document / Posted Document in SAP T.Code FB02 :

SAP Menu Path :- Accounting ->Financial accounting –> GL Accounting –> Document –> Change.
Remember Always:

  1. Only you can change Value Date, Assignment and Description / Text option.
  2. You can’t change the amount field.
  3. Value Date means check Date when it clear from Bank.

In my previous tutorial I have created two G/L Account and posted one business transaction in SAP. Now, I show you how to change it.You can go directly through T.Code FB02 or you can use the above mention path. Then you can see the below screen.

change document

Then, give your generated Document No, Company Code, and Fiscal Year.

change document

Press Enter Button.
Then, you can see the below screen.

change document

Now double click on Cash Account. There you can see that SAP give you only 3 option to change which was I told you earlier. If you want then change it and Save it.
Here. Suppose I change the text field.
Equity Share Capital Receipt – OLD
Equity Share Capital Receipt for ITCI – NEW
Then click on back arrow and again double click on another G/L account which is Equity share capital.
Here, you can change same text.
Equity Share Capital Receipt – OLD
Equity Share Capital Receipt for ITCI – NEW
Now, Click on Save Button.
We can get the message “Changes have been saved”.

change document

How to view the Posted Document’s G/L in SAP – T.Code FBL3N

First go to G/L Account line item display screen through T.code – FBL3N
Put your required G/L account. That’s mean 100000 and 200100.
Select on All item option.
Posting period from 01.12.2015 to 10.01.2016
change document
Then Click on Execute Button or Press F8.
change document
Here, you can see the details report against a particular posted document or more then posted documents.

Feel free to inform any further queries about this topic via comments. We will get back to you shortly. You may also like our previous posts about SAP FICO tutorial.

If you think it is helpful for beginner to getting a basic knowledge about how to change posted Document in SAP FI or how to change document sap fi. please share with your friends if you like. Thanks for watching. Will see you in our next post.

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